Republican Businessman, Dave Schatz, Launches Campaign for U.S. Senate in Missouri

Republican Businessman, Dave Schatz, Launches Campaign for U.S. Senate

“Our country has real problems, and we need real leaders who understand how to get the job done. We’ll never get out of this mess with fake politicians and their fake solutions.”

Sullivan, MO — Today, Republican businessman and President Pro Tem of the Missouri State Senate, Dave Schatz (R-Franklin County), launched his campaign for U.S. Senate. 

The campaign released an announcement video available at www.SchatzforSenate.com.

As a successful businessman, Schatz understands that our country is on the wrong track and in desperate need of leaders with real world experience to turn our country around. In a campaign ad released during the announcement, Schatz starts by saying:

“These days, too many politicians are fakes and frauds. They switch political parties and abandon principles. They’ll do anything and say anything to win an election.”

In partnership with his family, Dave co-owns and manages Schatz Underground Inc., a full-service telecommunications company headquartered in Villa Ridge, Missouri. Larry and Shirley Schatz founded Schatz Underground, Inc. in 1982. After being sold in 1999, Shirley and Dave Schatz bought the business back from bankruptcy in 2006. Schatz Underground, Inc. is now a thriving Missouri-based business that provides 100 plus good-paying jobs.

“I believe we need more businessmen, not more career politicians in government,” Schatz continued. “We’ll never get our country out of this mess with fake politicians and their fake solutions. We have to stop passing our problems onto the next election or the next generation.”

Schatz blames President Biden and the radical left for taking our country to the brink of disaster, “I think we can all agree Washington, D.C. is broken,” Schatz said. “Higher taxes, failures at the border, printing and spending trillions of dollars, runaway inflation, foreign policy debacles, and the list goes on and on.”

Dave Schatz was first elected Missouri State Representative in 2010 and was elected State Senator in 2014 and reelected in 2018. He currently serves as President Pro Tem of the State Senate. Schatz’s leadership in the Missouri state legislature is complete with real results for Missourians.

“As the leader of the Missouri Senate, I’ve helped make Missouri the strongest pro-life, pro-second amendment, and pro-law enforcement state in the nation,” Schatz said. “We’ve balanced our budget, passed historic income tax cuts – dramatically reducing the government’s burden on Missouri families while investing in our priorities, like our roads and our schools.”

Dave’s track record of real results for Missourians: 
•  Supported efforts to reduce Missouri’s income tax which, when fully implemented, will result in a 20 percent reduction – going from 6.0% – 4.8%. Missouri families will see savings of more than a billion dollars annually once fully implemented. 
• Championed conservative budgeting principles, balancing the budget while using a fraction of income tax savings to fund safety improvements for Missouri’s roads and bridges.
• Strengthened 2nd Amendment protections, Constitutional Carry – 2017, Second Amendment Protection Act – 2021
• Increasing Pro-Life protections resulted in a dramatic reduction in the total number of abortions in Missouri, from an all-time high of more than 20,000 per year to zero. 

After months of prayerful consideration and encouragement from Missourians seeking better options in the U.S. Senate race, Dave Schatz believes he is a well-qualified and well-positioned choice to offer Missourians a proven record with integrity and common sense. 

“If you want a polished politician who will say anything to get elected, you’ll have plenty of options,” Schatz said. “But, if you want a real Missourian with common sense values and a real record of results, I’d be honored to have your vote.”

Dave Schatz and his wife, Chara, currently live in Sullivan, Missouri. They have five children: David and his wife, Stephanie; Daniel; Devon and her husband, Woodrow Schlottach; Dana and her husband, Jacob Wells; and Dailee, and eight grandchildren. Dave is a member and serves as a deacon of Temple Baptist Church, a board member of Sullivan Bank, and a Life Member of the NRA. He has also served on the Board of Education in the Springbluff school district.